Graphic design

Many of You have heard or know about such things as the logo, advertising materials, packaging design. Who creates these graphic design elements?

This involved graphic designers. On the leading freelance this specialization is in the TOP 5 for queries. After all, graphic design is the largest application.

Let’s look at what able to create a graphic designer:

1 – Logo for companies / brands

2 –packaging Design

3 – label Design

4 – Design of advertising printing

5 – corporate identity Design

6 – Design for periodicals

7 – Design of outdoor advertising

These are the main areas in which it operates, a graphic designer. Freelance graphic designers choose any 2 or 3 basic directions and work in them. Eventually creating his own style which is easy to distinguish from the work of other freelancers.

My blog is based on years of experience in creating graphic design. I can confidently say that graphic design is in demand at all times. There will always be a demand for the establishment of the above listed items count. design. Even despite the fact that some advertising went online, one of the most popular is graphic design services. Customers often publish projects in this direction of design.

I started on freelance just create logos and promotional printing. Before I switched to freelancing I worked in an advertising Agency and for a year has built up a portfolio of completed projects. Most of the work in the portfolio was the logos, printing design and packing. Over time, I created IT a Studio and a portfolio enriched websites and web design.


No serious company or brand cannot exist without a logo. This is the face of the company, the logo, the consumer identificeret brand. This is what distinguishes any company or brand apart. Logo, you can define the scope of activities of the company, its main services or the main product that it produces or sells. The logo should ideally represent through visual solutions and naming some of the company.

The logo is a business card for a user or consumer.

So, what is the logo:

1 – Naming – brand name or company.” Naming can be associative – “determines the direction of the company”. Example: Ukrgazprom \ Ukrtelecom \ Baker \ . \ Klondike.

And not associative – “a beautiful name, readable and memorable, not bearing semantic reference to the business of the company or brand Such naming can carry the name\the name of the author – Creator of a brand or company.

Example: Nike \ Reebok \ Lamborghini \ Ferrari \, Porsche \ Beeline \ Comfy

What you choose naming the customer – depends on those tasks which he sets in front of the logo.

In any case, the main task of the designer is the creation of readable and recognizable logo that will successfully look at all kinds of advertising \ corporate style \ package and other components of the corporate style and advertising materials.

Naming can be created in one \ two \ three language versions if required by the customer.

Sometimes the customer may ask You to create an exclusive font for the naming, but this is rare – base modern fonts has more than 30,000 fonts from them and of course a big part of this is “Roman” and 10 times less “Cyrillic” – as they say – there are plenty to choose from.